Let us all strive to excel in the gifts that God has given us, as they edify the church. As we lead a selfless life, we will reap an eternal harvest. God has given each of us special abilities for building up His Church. When you discover the gifts He has given you, use them effectively for His glory. But, realize that your gifts cannot do the work of the church, alone. Give thanks for people whose gifts are completely different from yours. Let your strengths balance their weaknesses and be grateful their abilities make up for your deficiencies. In order to use our gifts effectively, we must realize that our abilities come from God and understand who we are in the Lord.

We need to dedicate our gifts to God’s service and not keep anything back from the work of God. In effect, we need to off-load all that God has deposited in us. These gifts do not belong to us; they belong to the Lord. Apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 14:1, “Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy.” Love should be the motivating factor in using our gifts for the work of God; and not our self-gain. We should never abuse the gifts we have been given and we should not exercise them to make ourselves superior to others. We must always remember that love should be our greatest aim. We should guard against desiring and using spiritual gifts for the wrong motives.

Sometimes, believers fail to use their gifts or they use them selfishly and without love. If we do this, the purpose of the gifts is not fulfilled. It is our duty to use each gift for its intended purpose and permit love to govern its use. Faithful use of spiritual gifts brings glory to the GIVER and blessing to the Body of Christ. Love is the key to the effective use of spiritual gifts. Child of God, be determined not to crave another person’s gifts, but appreciate God for the gifts He has given you. Be content with your gifts and you will have joy unspeakable. See yourself as unique and important to God, and praise Him. Use your gifts with love to edify the church, for the glory of God.

Always recognize the sovereignty of God, the Giver, and give Him glory, for His generosity. It is all right to appreciate others as long as you don’t try to duplicate them. Do not live in another person’s shadow but learn from them, and glean from their wisdom. Be comfortable with the gifts God has bestowed on you and concentrate on them. Focus on your strengths and don’t listen to critics, as they have not given you the gifts; focus on God, instead. Relax in God’s awesome presence and enjoy your spiritual species and cultivate your own gifts. Always appreciate your other brethren, in the Body of Christ, for who they are, even though their outlook may be different from yours. Encourage them and in doing so, you will be encouraged as well.           PEACE

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If you have not already committed your life to Jesus and you would like to do so now, please pray this prayer:

“Lord Jesus, I am sorry for all the things I have done wrong. Thank you for dying for me on the cross, to set me free from my sins. I ask you to come into my life as my personal Lord and Saviour, and fill me with the Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen.”

Congratulations, if you have prayed this prayer. Please look for a Bible-believing church, to fellowship with the brethren. Please do not hesitate to contact me, if I can be of any assistance to you. Remain blessed and enjoy the presence of the Lord.

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Ronke Immanuel          

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